The Hall Pantera Story

My Dad, Gary Hall, grey-haired, contagious smile, who never met a stranger, but with his twinkling blue eyes of a die-hard car enthusiast, walks through the showroom of his Paramount Business.

Most consider my Dad the "King of Pantera Parts" came about more or less by accident. Over 36 years ago, he bought his first Pantera and became obsessed with having enough parts to run his car for a lifetime. Eventually, Pantera's became his life. He eats and dreams them.

My Dad made his start inauspiciously, dealing in Pantera parts while semi-retired from being the nation's largest distributor of Rainbow vacuum cleaners. But when Lincoln-Mercury stopped importing the Pantera, my Dad saw the opportunity of a lifetime. He approached Bill Stroppe of Long Beach, who prepared Lincoln-Mercury's incoming Pantera's and purchased all of Stroppe's inventory of Pantera parts.

My Dad had more than enough parts for his car, and actually put an add in the paper to sell some of the extra parts. He was overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls of fellow Pantera owners. Matter of fact, they would all get together and exchange stories about their cars. The more people he talked to, the more he discovered all the pros and cons of owning and driving a Pantera.

Now, Hall Pantera is a family owned and operated business, that is still supplying parts for Pantera's all over the world.