Hall Pantera News

Spring 2018

Back at my desk after a few months off. Thank you for another great year! Remember if you have any questions feel free to call or email. We have a large stock of new and used parts. If you are looking for something that is not on our website please ask as some of the NOS parts are not listed.

With summer coming up soon it might be time to replace your original water tubes with the stainless tubes. We also sell a complete rubber hose kit that includes all the hoses, hose clamps, belts and 180 degree thermostat. We also stock the upgraded brass radiators. Our radiators fit in the stock location with no modifications needed. Stainless pressure and overflow tanks are also available.

Another big seller is our pre-cut front and rear trunk felt kits. They are easy to install and dress up the front trunk and rear luggage tray. We still have a few used luggage trays available for that extra storage in the engine compartment.

The Blue Thunder Pantera manifolds have also been a great seller. These are machined to properly fit the Pantera. We are also going to start stocking the same manifold but for the standard 351c cars. Mustangs, Torinos, etc. We should have those in stock soon. We have a few of the 4v Weber manifolds left. After they are sold we will no longer be making them. We do however have quite a few of the Yates style Weber manifolds in stock. These are the smaller port style.

Today we are better off to replace parts with the correct parts as long as they are still available. Its better for the resale of the car too. Also remember to keep any old parts you take off your car because you might need them again one day.

I must give a goodbye to my dear friend Judy McCartney. When we all got together about starting a club, there were not many women who drove a Pantera, Mangusta or Vallelunga. This is when I met Judy. We became good friends. She loved her "job" at POCA for over 26 years. She loved her car and the people she helped join the club. That friendly voice greeted a lot of new members. She had a great life and will be missed dearly.

Bev and Tara

Happy Holidays from Hall Pantera!

All of us at Hall Pantera would like to wish you Happy Holidays and best wishes for a very Happy New Year! As always, we would like to thank you again for your support all of these years!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Holiday Hours: Closed December 22nd thru January 2nd.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we head in to another year, of course our thoughts go back to 1972 when we purchased our first Pantera. This was the beginning of a different life for us.

Our love of cars only grew, along with all the wonderful people we have met, and the help we provided each other in the early days has been a great journey for the last 45 years.

We sell only Pantera parts, and have tried to make some of the projects easier by providing a kit that includes everything you need. From axle kits, interior kits, felt kits, hose kits, stainless water tube kits and various installation kits just to mention a few that are available.

If you are looking for a part, don't hesitate to call, or email us. Our current inventory is much to large to list everything we have on our website.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies at Hall Pantera.

Bev, Tara and Mare

*We will be closed November 22nd through November 27th.

Spring 2017

There are a lot of fun events coming up in the next few months. The Pantera Palooza April 23rd in Irvine, CA and the Fun Rally May 31st-June 4th in beautiful Monterey, CA. Both are great events and should be a lot of fun.

We are currently working on reproducing the steering wheel pads. For those of you on the list thank you for being patient. We hope to have them back in stock in the next few months. Battery pads are back and the cost is $20. We also have the rubber side marker gaskets for $60 a set.

We have been selling a lot of our new style amp gauges. They look just like the original gauge but are shunted so they are not a fire hazard. If you have the original amp gauge and you notice your needle jumping around or the gauge gets hot, you need to update to the new gauge. They can catch fire and we have known quite a few customers that have them catch on fire. We had one burn down the main wiring harness. I also had a friend lose her whole dash and windshield because of her amp gauge catching fire. Its always good to carry a fire extinguisher just in case.

We still have a few of the Blue Thunder Pantera manifolds in stock. Also, the small and large port Weber manifolds are available.

Enjoy Spring and as always thank you for your business, friendships and continued support all these years.

Bev and Tara

Happy Holidays from Hall Pantera

All of us at Hall Pantera would like to wish you and yours happy holidays and best wishes for a very Happy New Year! 2016 was another great year for us and as always we would like to thank you again for your support all of these years!

Holiday hours: Closed December 24th thru January 2nd

Bev, Tara and Mare

Fall 2016

In March 1972, Motor Trend Magazine had an article about the Pantera called "Mr. Ford wants it right!" by Kyle Given. The article talks about the five things Mr. Ford wanted made right on the Pantera. If I remember correctly, there were actually six items that the Lincoln/Mercury dealer fixed on our car. Some were done here in Southern California at Bill Stroppe's shop. The biggest thing they did was improved the air conditioning. They added more outlets in the cockpit and shrouded the fan unit in the engine bay. This allowed the inside of the car to be a lot cooler when the air was on. Gary actually put together a book full of magazine articles that covers most of the early Detomaso cars. We sell them for $50. Lots of great information.

They are still making parts for the ZF transaxle. Oliver Ring told me they are also making parts for the early -1 transaxle. You can also still get new gearboxes from Lloyd Butfoy at RBT Transmissions. Last time Oliver was in, I gave him a bunch of early gears he needed for a project. So we don't have to worry about getting parts for the ZF's. Make sure you change the oil and check the drain plug for metal shavings. Also make sure your ZF is safety wired.

Remember to never throw any parts you take off your car away. We have tons of used parts we have saved throughout the years. I even had someone looking for the original hose clamps which unfortunately we didn't have. We also get guys looking for the original carburetor. We even have quite a few sets of the original headers.

Many items on the car have torque specs. Don't over-torque! The torque specs are in the service manual. If you don't have a service manual, you can always give us a call or send us an email and we will help you with that information.

We still have a few of the Blue Thunder Pantera manifolds left. They are machined to fit the Pantera and give it that stock look. We also have the Weber 48ida manifold available for both the 4v and Yates style heads.

Tara, Mare and myself are off to the SEMA show the beginning of November. We are looking for new products for the car. It's a huge show so hopefully we will be able to see some old friends and see some of our suppliers.

We will be closed November 2-4 to attend the SEMA show. We will be checking messages and emails and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Bev, Tara and Mare

Happy July!!!

This is the perfect time of year to drive our cars. Let's keep them on the road and enjoy them. We like getting together and talking about our cars. Speaking of... Tara drove Ol' Blue out the Pantera Palooza last month. What a great turn out! It was a great show put on by TPOC. We will definitely be attending next year.

With summer here, the hot weather make us check our cooling system. We offer a hose kit with pre-cut Gates Green Stripe hoses, stainless steel clamps (we provide enough to double clamp), new belts and 180 degree thermostat and gasket. Just open up the box and everything is ready to install. Please specify the year of your car when ordering.

It's always interesting to read what other people have done with their cars. It's always better to replace the parts with the correct parts as long as you can still get them. Down the road some of these original parts might not be available. Remember to save everything you take off of your car and always save the part to be replaced until you have the new replacement in your hands.

It was a rule here that when washing the Panteras the hose could only be used on the lower half of the car. You don't want water running down the door channels. Check and make sure the drain holes are open on the bottom of your doors.

We will be closed the week of August 8th through the 12th. We will be back in the office August 16th. We will still be answering emails, and feel free to leave a message if you call and we will get back with you.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Bev and Tara

Fun Rally 2016

The Pantera club is having their annual Fun Rally this year in Las Vegas. We have been hard at work getting a car ready for the event. Tommy at Extreme Pantera did a great job servicing and detailing the car for us. This was Gary's first Pantera that we purchased in 1973. This car has had a life of its own. We had it flown to Hawaii for the first PI get together, Gary raced it at Silver State, Pocano, Willow Springs, Riverside and the list goes on. It's all ready to make an appearance in Las Vegas.

We will be closed May 11th-May 16th to attend the Fun Rally, but feel free to email or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bev and Tara

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great New Year's. We are looking forward to a great 2016. Thank you for all of your support throughout years. We have had a lot of new customers calling lately. We have been selling a lot of book packages to the new owners and also a lot of the original window stickers. Seems that a lot of owners are going back to the "stock" look of the car. We still have a lot of NOS parts available. If you are looking for something in particular, send us an email or give us a call.

Another new product we will have available soon is the Blue Thunder 351c manifold. This manifold looks very close to the stock manifold. They are machined to fit the Pantera. We will have a limited supply so if you are interested please let us know so we can put you on the list for one.

Over Christmas we sold out of our headliner kits and t-shirts. We now have both back in stock. I have heard nothing but good feedback on our headliner kits. They come with the headliner pre-cut and also extra material to cover the surrounding headliner bow pieces. We have also been selling a lot of carpet kits, floor mats and seat upholstery kits. We have custom floor mats available for special order.

Front and rear felt kits have also been very popular. We (Tara) pre-cut's them for easy installation. Front kits are $50 and rear kits are $60. We also have a nice front trunk mat made from plush carpet that has the Detomaso logo. Just adds a nice touch to the front trunk area.

Front rebuilt calipers are back in stock. They include new seals, brake pads and braided stainless brake lines. Cost is $525 per caliper and a core charge of $100 per caliper. We modified the calipers by removing the dual line and banjo fitting and replacing that with a stainless steel fitting which is a much better design. Rear rebuilt calipers should be available by summer.

We are looking forward to the Fun Rally in Las Vegas this year. Hope to see you all there!

The Hall Pantera Team

Holiday Wishes!

During the holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn grateful to those who have made our progress possible. In the spirit we say, simply but sincerely THANK YOU. Best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

Bev, Tara and Mare

Holiday hours: Closed December 24th-December 28th
Closed December 31st-January 4th

Happy Fall!

There is a lot of good information out there on the Pantera, especially for new owners. I have a book that was put together by Gary of all the Pantera articles that were published for a number of years. Makes for a good read and has a lot of useful information. A little history lesson. We have them available for $50. We also have the Ford parts book which is always a good book to have especially when ordering parts. Wiring diagrams are also available. We have them laminated so they can be marked with a dry erase marker if needed.

I had a customer asking about gas tanks the other day. All the gas tanks were the same size. The only difference was some of the tanks in the 1971 cars were wire wrapped so they wouldn't leak. Also the early cars had the fuel pickup on the tank were as the later cars the pickup is on the sending unit. If you replace your tank with a new stainless gas tank you have to also replace the sending unit because the new tanks do not have the fuel pickup. We also sell the gas filler necks for the tanks. They include a new gasket and cap.

Remember that when removing your motor, the motor mounts are right and left sides. Be sure to mark them so when you put the motor back in they are on the right side. We stock the new polyurethane motor mount pads. They include the stainless steel bolt sleeve and washers. Bolts are also available separately.

Lately we have been selling a lot of replacement sheet metal. We stock everything from floor pans to rocker panels. Remember there are three different rocker panels. The outer, inner and center. The inner and centers are right and left sided so be sure to specify when ordering. Same with the floor pans.

We are currently working on rebuilding stock calipers. We will have the fronts done soon and the rears probably the beginning of the year. They will come complete with new pads and braided stainless steel brake lines. There will be a core charge so we can continue to have rebuilt stock brakes available.

Lug nuts and wheel studs are metric and only the early cars had the dome style lug nut with the "T" symbol. The late cars had the flat chrome lug nuts. We have the chrome lug nuts with the symbol available and also the stock and long wheel studs.

The Chip Foose Pantera will be at the SEMA show this year. Chip is redoing the car in his own way so it should be pretty neat to see it finished. Be sure to check out the wheels, exhaust and tires.

I really enjoy speaking with new and old customers daily. Back when the club started, it was such a small group of us. Its fun to talk about the good times and reminisce about the old days. I try to keep in contact with a few of the original members that have become good friends. Speaking of, Scott Davis would you please send me your address and phone number.

Bev, Tara & Mare


Thanksgiving we will be closed November 25th at 12pm and be back in the office on December 1st.

Christmas we will be closed December 24th through December 28th.

New Years we will be closed December 31 through January 4th

Enjoy your Summer!

Nice to hear from old customers that still have their cars and still drive and enjoy them. The sound and the beauty is just fun!

Back in the day....In the late 70's, we were driving our car everywhere. Coming back from a meet out in Apple Valley on a Sunday we broke our throttle pedal. One of our first package deals was an emergency kit that you could carry in the car. The kit included a couple pieces of Gates Green strip hose, fuses, a throttle cable and a throttle pedal. Today everything is pretty much bullet proof. Now driving home with a broken throttle pedal,
thats another funny story.

New items that are now in stock are voltmeters that look like the original gauges. They are pictured on our website. We are now taking orders for them. Also back in stock are the seatbelt bars. There are two different sizes so you need to measure from bolt to bolt. The early 1971 cars took a longer bar. Jacking pads are also back in stock. We have them in both aluminum and steel. We can also ceramic coat your headers and mufflers. This is a special service and requires about a week turn around time. They can be coated in either black or silver.

For the front and rear trunk we have the pre-cut black felt kits. We also have a nice front trunk mat made out of plush carpet with the Detomaso color logo. These mats also match our interior floor mats which we also have in stock.

We also can rebuild your brake booster and rack and pinion on an exchange basis. Boosters are rebuilt and cad plated. The rack and pinions are rebuilt with the brass bushings.

To clear up something I have heard from a couple customers about us building a fiberglass Pantera at one time, we did not build that car. A friend of ours who had a boat company had a Pantera and he made a fiberglass car. It wasn't much of a car and we was trying to market it. So we let him use our name on it to help get "print." This was many many years ago.

Enjoy your summer and we welcome new owners and as usual if you have any questions or comments, let us know.

Bev, Tara and Mare

Good News!!!

We had a nice surprise the other day. A new owner came in looking for parts for his late 1971 Pantera. A very well known person in the automotive industry, Chip Foose. He spent all morning looking for parts and ideas for his new project. It is his own personal car and will hopefully be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas later this year. I asked him if was ok to let people know about the project and if he had pictures of the car in progress. Check Twitter or Instagram to follow Chip Foose online.

Another old customer stopped by, named Roger Teno. He had just started driving his car again and was amazed at all the attention it got driving down here! We restored his car many years ago and it still looks and sounds great after all these years. Always good to see old customers!

When Lyle Ottasen got us all together at Peyton Lincoln Mercury who would have known that it would turn into such a world wide fellowship. Back then it was just a small group of about 20 of us and now the club has expanded to hundreds of members. When a car is loved and the owners like getting together it is just wonderful!

In the early years, Gary would always do the service on our car. Before powder coating, all the suspension was cleaned and painted. Checking the underside is always important. One time after one of those early cleanings we had a terrible motor vibration. Why? Later on we found out one of the halfshafts was not in time with the other one. We later found new USA made halfshafts that would take more horsepower. Remember that the halfshaft bolts are special grade shoulder bolts and also anytime you remove the bolts you must also replace the nylock nuts.

We recently sold out of our new interior headliner kits, but we now have them back in stock. These kits include the pre-cut headliner with foam and enough material to recover the bow pieces around the headliner. We also have the rubber side light bezel gaskets back in stock.

We often get questions on how to bleed the cooling system. If you have the service manual it goes into detail on how to completely bleed the system. Sometimes it's hard to get all the air out, but once its done and the bottles are "capped" with the right pressure cap, you should run cool. Any questions, just give us a call, or send us an email, and we can walk you through the process.

We will be closed May 18th through May 22nd. We will be answering emails, but not be able to ship any orders out until May 26th. Enjoy the Fun Rally in Texas and also have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Bev, Tara and Mare

It's Spring!!!

I think we are all ready for Spring and flowers, and of course dry roads. For many years we worked on making the Pantera more comfortable to drive on long trips. The armrest console was a place to rest your arm. This gave us a way to add a couple more gauges and remove the ashtray. The GTS came with a clock in the dashboard so we added the clock and oil temperature gauge. We also added a cruise control at one time. Another update were the automatic door locks. The passenger would try to open the door when the door was locked and it would break the door handle. Back then you would have to buy a complete lock set which included both sides. Today we have the bits and pieces to repair the outside door handles.

We also stock the dropped floor pans to lower the seat for more head room. Also, other steel replacement panels included rockers, radiator supports, lower front valance, hood and door skins, etc.

There have been many updates for the Pantera throughout the years. From replacing the old York air conditioner pump to the new rotary style pump which is a great improvement to changing the stock radiators to the new brass style. Our radiators fit in the stock location, so no modifications are needed. We run our radiators in all of our cars and have never had any overheating problems. Our valve covers were made with baffles which cost a little more, but it allows the oil to stay inside the valve cover and not leak all over the motor. We also used to black out the chrome trim on some of the cars which was a nice touch, especially to match the black wheel centers.

A common question we are getting lately is about shipping costs. We can't give any shipping quotes until the items are packaged and weighed. We always try to find the least expensive option available. We do charge a minimum handling charge of $5 and depending on the size of the order the handling charge can be higher. Most items are shipped via UPS but we can also ship via Express or Priority mail.

We will be closed the week of May 18th through May 22nd. Please feel free to send emails and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For those of you attending the Fun Rally in Texas have a wonderful time!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Happy New Year!

Here it is the end of January 2015 and I got gas for under $2.50 a gallon the other day. I haven't written those words in a long time! Since we use top grade in the 351c, its just nice to fill up for less money!

Remember we have stainless steel gas tanks when you have your motor out and are looking to replace your original tank. They are a perfect fit and include the drain plug in the bottom. Some of the early cars (1971) the gas tanks were wrapped with a material so they wouldn't leak. We also have back in stock the quick fill necks for the gas tanks. They are available for both the early and late model cars. These necks are a quick fix as filling up the old way was a fire danger. Just remember to put your cap back on and not leave it at the gas station.

We also just received a large shipment of our weber manifolds. Perfect for your weber or EFI project. We have both the 4v for the stock cast iron heads and the 2v for the Yates/SVO style heads. Don't forget we also have the cast aluminum Detomaso valve covers. They are available raw, black krinkle coated or polished. Nice way to dress up your engine. Our Hi-Torque starters are also still in stock. They are a direct bolt on. We have these on all of our cars and have never had a problem.

We have talked to lots of new owners this past year. Some of the aging owners are passing their cars down to other family members to enjoy. As NOS and aftermarket parts are still widely available, we will still be able to keep the cars on the road for many years to come.

ANSA just shipped us our order of GTS mufflers and also Mangusta mufflers. We have the GTS mufflers for both the early and late model cars. They come with the stainless "up style" tips and the ANSA stickers. They are the true sound of the Pantera.

Don't forget we have the owners manuals, technical service bulletins, ZF manuals, wiring diagrams, service manuals and Ford parts books all available. Also the stainless steel vent tubes for the transaxle are back in stock. Looking to dress up your front trunk, we have the pre-cut black felt available. If you are looking for something special new or used give us a call or email. We have a large variety of used parts available as well.

Have a great year and don't forget to make your plans for the POCA event in Texas this year!

Happy motoring!

The Hall Pantera team

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!

All of us at Hall Pantera would like to wish you holiday cheer and best wishes for a very Happy New Year! 2014 was a great year for us and we would like to thank you again for your support all of these years!

Happy Holidays!!!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Happy Holidays!

I received a call the other day about someone who just purchased Gary Hall's blue Pantera. This is the second car that was represented as a personal Hall owned car. Buyer beware, our cars are not for sale. The customer said "your telling me the guy lied to me?" If you have a question about purchasing a Pantera, please don't hesitate to call us.

We are very thankful for another great year. We appreciate the wonderful customers that work on their cars and need help with parts and advice. A customer reminded me of a time years ago when POCA would rent the race track at Riverside. At that time the interior of the race car wasn't complete, and the speedometer wasn't installed in the dash. When Gary took passengers for a ride around the track he would hand them the speedometer to hold. Everyone enjoyed the ride, holding the speedometer to see for themselves how fast they were going.

I am sure that most of you are preparing your car for winter repairs. Get your list together, check it twice, and plan ahead. Make sure the parts you need are available, and we will see who has been naughty or nice.

If you are planning a trip to California in the near future, I suggest visiting the Reagan Library. Lots of cars are being stored there while the Petersen Automotive Museum is being remodeled. A great time to see the library and Elvis's Pantera.

Have a great holiday! Give us a call, drop us an email, or snail mail us your list. We love to hear about all your projects.

Best wishes,

Bev, Tara, and Mare

Holiday Hours: We will be closed December 24th-26th and the 31st-2nd.

***Christmas Specials***

3 Brass window gears $105.00
Service manual $75.00
Polyurethane spring insulators $175.00 set of 4
Aluminum billet low profile jack $325.00

Prices good until December 24, 2014

Fall 2014

With the value of the Pantera going up, our sheet metal business has been brisk! We have door skins, rocker panels (inner, outer and center), lower valances, front panels, radiator supports and support walls, floor pans, dropped floor pans and many more pieces listed under body panels on our website. Our drop floor pans do not replace the whole rear floor pan. They only drop the seat area. We still have factory NOS doors, hoods and deck lids. We also have original roofs with the pillar posts. 180 degree headers are available upon special order. We still have a large supply of the ANSA GTS mufflers. Lately we have been shipping a lot of parts overseas as they seem to be building more race cars.

I read something the other day that i didn't know. We purchased our Longchamp from Ray Geddes and Barry Gale, whom had bought the car for the LA car show. We had it certified so we could drive it in California. This car was used for all of the ads. We were also invited to take the Longchamp up to the Monterey Concours at Pebble Beach one year. We drove up to Monterey and had a wonderful day on the grass at the lodge. They delivered lunch in a picnic basket which included a nice bottle of wine. We really enjoyed ourselves. Pictured is our Longchamp in the ad with the Pantera GTS and Pantera Group 4.

While reading Panteras for the Road, I found that photographer Rick McBride who was the one who took the picture of the "Yellow Pantera" that was featured in many ads and articles was involved in naming the Pantera. They were still calling the car the Cobra II and needed suggestions for a new name. Ray and his wife meet with a friend of his at a restaurant to discuss names. When they were going through the list they couldn't find anything that sounded right. Ray's wife spoke fluent Italian. He asked her how to say lion in Italian. She replied Leone. That didn't sound right. He said what about panther. She said Pantera! That name went on the top of the list. Awhile later Ford had contacted him because they still needed a name. They asked if he still had his list of names and he got it out and there was Pantera on the top. They contacted Detomaso and he liked it, and that how the Pantera was named. Panteras for the Road are available for sale at $100.

We would like to wish you all a happy Fall. As always, call us if you have any questions.

Bev, Tara and Mare

A Little Mangusta History

Half the year is gone already! Sometimes it really flies by!

Whats new

Of the 401 Mangustas built, there are surprisingly still a large number of cars out there! We have many calls for parts for the cars worldwide. The Mangusta didn't make a good race car. They would over steer and under steer at the same time, but I still think they are a very handsome car. We still have our Mangusta 1043 that we purchased in the early 1970's. It's an American style with the pop up headlights. These lights met the safety laws at that time for the correct height for the headlight.

I used to drive the car back and forth to work when we had the shop in Bellflower. The only item we changed was the air conditioning. We met a couple who owned a yellow car and they also owned an a/c shop around the corner from us. He did the work on the a/c and it worked great. A/C is a must in that car! We drove the car up to Steve Ford's wedding in Santa Barbara. After a night of celebrating, driving back to LA in that small car really made the car feel even smaller!

With the increasing number of calls for parts lately, we have just received our order from ANSA of original mufflers for the car. We also still have a limited supply of original parts, including car covers, floormats, disclaimer stickers, front water tubes, etc.


A very interesting thing happened when I was working on this newsletter about the Mangusta. A customer from Australia came in a couple weeks ago. He had been in years ago to buy parts for his car. I asked him if he had the original yellow poster of the Mangusta. He said yes I have the poster and I own the car! I knew that the car had gone to Australia years ago. The previous owner had come in here and gave us all the Mangusta posters of his car before leaving for Australia. He had worked for Ford and was going back to Australia and changing the car back to left hand drive.
Mike is now the owner of that car and another Mangusta. I asked him to stay in touch and send pictures of his restoration process. Here is the rest of the story told by Mike. Wonderful history!

Mike's story

Dear Bev and Tara,

The car I first purchased is 8MA-718. That is the car that was originally Mohammed Ali's and then Herb Grasse got it in Phoenix. He was transferred to Australia and converted the car to right hand drive in 1976. Herb left the car in Australia when he went back to the States around 1986 and I purchased the car in 1988.

My other car is the last one built 8MA-1302 and one of the 10 original right hand drive vehicles. Originally an English car that ended up in Australia in the early 80's. A friend of mine obtained it in 1989 and I took ownership in early 2013. Most people were unaware of the existence of this car and thought the numbers stopped at 1300, thus making 402 cars! This car I am doing suspension work to and it will be my driving car and I will restore 718 to left hand drive and concourse condition in a few years.


Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Ready for Summer?

Whats new? Headliner kits! Here we go with another new product! A complete headliner kit in its own box all ready to be shipped to you. This kit includes the original style off-white headliner with 1/4" foam laminated to the underside. It also includes enough material and foam to recover the headliner bows. A real do-it-yourself kit. We also have the vinyl seat covers available for 1971-1974 seats. These seat covers are also available in leather. Don't forget about our pre-cut front and rear trunk felt kits. We also stock the interior carpet kits and floormats for all years. If the chrome bezels on your switches are cracked or damaged we have replacement bezels instead of changing the whole switch.

A little history came to mind the other day. Back in 1973 the "economy squeeze" sent Pantera prices down. My brother in law purchased his 1973 Pantera for $8000.00. The Lincoln/Mercury dealer in Harbor City, CA began purchasing Pantera's from some of the other dealers. He soon became to go to dealer. With the closing down of Murphy Lincoln/Mercury in Long Beach, CA, all the mechanics and sales people moved over to Peyton Lincoln/Mercury. Lyle Ottason's factory rep also moved to Peyton. He called and got owners together at Peyton on a hot June night and POCA was born. Peyton also gave away different items when you purchased your car from them. The race car driver Peter Revson was also on the staff. He owned a Pantera. I don't know how many he owned but we knew of several new owners of a "Peter Revson Pantera." POCA grew and after 40 years is a well esteemed club today. I personally would like to thank the club for the Don Peak award given to Gary for all of his hard work, time and love he had for the Pantera. By the way, Old Blue will be back on the highway shortly….

We are still looking and finding new items for customers. If we don't have it we will try to help you find it. Send us an email or give us a call if you are looking for anything special. Enjoy your cars worldwide today!

Bev, Tara and Mare

The spirit of Spring!

May, 2014

Well, it seems like we've been having a little too much summer already, but here we go into June, July and August…..let's hope for temperate weather and cool breezes. So many wonderful summers have passed at Hall Pantera, and everyone interesting and mostly fun! We're always appreciating you, our customers, who make everyday a new journey.

I had a phone call the other day from a new Pantera owner from Arizona. He said that he had just purchased our daughters Pantera! That was exciting. You see, years ago Mare purchased her own car and did it "her way." The car was painted brown with a tan leather interior. "Root Beer" was a late model 1974. She designed black and silver wheel logos because the blue and white didn't look good with the brown color of the car. We since have sold many sets of those black wheel logos. I asked the customer to send us an email with the VIN number and pictures to see if it indeed was Root Beer. Turns out it was a 1971 car. Too bad. But, if anyone out there has a late model '74, we'd love to hear from you! Root Beer has to be out there somewhere.

Something new. We now have seat covers for the original 1972-1974 car in black leather. They will cover the original seats but, of course the leather centers are not perforated like the originals. Price is $1250 a set. We also sell the vinyl seat covers that are identical to the original seats. Price is $500 a set.

Our business is strictly Pantera. That's important. Your life can be made so much easier by doing things one time with the correct parts rather than modifying something that really wasn't made for your car. The clutch kit we sell was made especially to fit the Pantera. The Centerforce clutch kit is sold complete with the pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing and flywheel. The flywheel is available in steel or we also stock aluminum for an additional charge. These clutches are only sold by authorized dealers.

Our radiators are made to drop in the original location. No modifications are needed. We have sold many radiators in the last month. Our radiators are brass and they come with the drain plugs and senders. We also recommend our Mirriah fans which also fit in the stock fan brackets with no modifications needed. This fan and radiator package will cure the infamous Pantera overheating problems. We also just received a large order of the stainless cooling pipes. You might want to think about making the change to the Gates green stripe hoses with the stainless steel clamps. Here comes summer….. make sure your car is ready!

For the Mangusta we still have many sets of the steel radiator pipes. We are also working on making interior carpet kits. We have the Mangusta floormats available and a few other parts listed on the website. We are also expecting a shipment of original ANSA mufflers for the Mangusta. We should have them in the next few months. If you are interested in a set of the mufflers please contact us so we can put you on the waiting list.

Once again thank you for all of your continued support. We're looking forward to seeing you at the fun rally in San Diego at the end of the month!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Spring is here!!!

Happy Spring!

The San Diego Rally is May 28th-May31st. We plan on being there and hope to see you and your cars! It's going to be a grand time!

All winter long we've had new owners and new customers drop in from all over the world….Sweden, Japan, Norway, Germany, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. There is nothing more fun than visiting with our customers. But, you don't have to come into the shop. We ship all over the world every day via UPS and Priority Mail.

As with all cars and fads, some cars seem to become popular for short spurts of time. That is true of the Baby Bird 1956-57. It was so popular, Ford had to retool for some of the parts, just to keep the car on the road. There was a huge demand for parts from owners and clubs. But not only Ford took to saving Panteras in general. Parts for so many of these wonderful cars are still available because of the foresight of a few dedicated people that put their time and money into saving them for many years to come.

In the beginning, all Pantera parts were listed using Ford part numbers. If you own a Ford parts book, it's a huge help finding the parts you need. We have that parts book available for $25. It's nice to have nearby while shopping to update your Pantera!

We just received a large shipment of polyurethane parts. These parts are made here in the United States out of quality material. Our a-arm bushings and shock bushings are made of graphite impregnated polyurethane and come with machined stainless steel inserts. We also have radiator grommets, sway bar bushings, transaxle sight covers, transaxle mount bushings with stainless steel inserts and motor mount pads with stainless inserts all in polyurethane.

In addition, we have stainless steel gas tanks, ANSA mufflers for 1971 and 1972+ models, Weber manifolds, replacement sheet metal parts, and complete Centerforce clutch kits with flywheel. We also have custom floor mats available by special order. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, or even something you think you might want or have heard of and can't find on the website, please contact us. We have a variety of new, used and NOS parts available.

Our blue 1972 still has the original carpet, and the 1971 still has the original trunk shocks that still hold up the deck lid. I can't believe they still work after 43 years! Tara has been around these cars nearly every day since she was a very little girl. Today we could put a blindfold on her and she would be able to tell you the part and where it goes. Here are some pictures of her when she was little with our original blue car.

And….don't forget, when refurbishing your interiors, we have seat covers to replace your worn seats and also brass wonder wheels for your seat tracks.

We have had so many wonderful times with our cars and your cars over the years. We so enjoy all of our customer's stories about their cars and meeting all of you either in the shop or along the road.

When we started travelling on the motorcycle, I would get so frustrated having to pack a week's worth of necessities in that darn little pack. Don't get me wrong, I loved the motorcycle travel. But I always appreciated the removable trunk on the Pantera that had room for a few bags!

If we can help you with anything, please call or email with your orders or questions. Thank you for your continued support! See you in San Diego!!

Bev, Tara and Mare

What are you looking for?

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Years.

Time to get ready for Spring and take care of all of the things you didn't get to do to your car last year. We still stock a lot of original NOS parts as well as aftermarket parts. From Weber manifolds to ANSA GTS mufflers to stainless steel gas tanks. Our parts are made in the USA.

We are open Tuesday through Friday weekly and always welcome walk-in customers. We have a large parts room and also a huge trailer filled with used parts. For those of you who have not made it in to buy parts or visit, we would like to share some pictures of what we have available here at Hall Pantera.

Please enjoy and feel free to contact us if you are looking for anything special, new or used.

email: hallpantera@sbcglobal.net
phone: 562-531-2629
fax: 562-630-8156

Beverly, Tara and Mare

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!

From all of us at Hall Pantera, we want to wish each of you a happy holiday season. Enjoy the festivities of the holidays with family, friends and your cars. Thank you for all of your continued support throughout the years! Looking forward to a great New Year!

Bev, Tara and Mare
"The Gals of Hall Pantera"

Happy Holidays!

We want to wish everyone a very wonderful Holiday season. This year has been a fun year with new and old friends "checking in." We always enjoy talking to old friends and making new ones. I just talked to Jay Leone who is 92 years young, and just purchased his fourth Pantera that he is working on fixing up.

Next year, ANSA will be manufacturing mufflers for the Mangusta. We have the new ANSA stickers for the muffler tips which last longer and will not burn off so quickly. Also, in stock for the Mangusta are the front radiator steel water tubes, floormats, reprints of the owners manual in English only and also the original color posters. We also have the dzus fasteners for the Pantera rear engine tub and engine screen back in stock.

If you are planning a trip to Southern California, the California Science Center in Los Angeles has the Endeavour on display. Tickets are very inexpensive. All the information is on the California Science Center website. The best way to travel to the museum is by public transit because of limited parking.

Tara went on many trips with Gary. She has driven all the cars. Either up to Las Vegas for the Fun Rally, a local car show or up to Monterey for the Concours. We always had to find people to drive the cars to the different events throughout the years. We would often take customers as passengers when we would go on the numerous outings. One year Joe Moore drove my '71 Pantera to Vegas. Gary would also take customers around the track in one of our cars when we went back to Pocano.

One of Tara's funniest stories is a trip she took one year with Gary up to Monterey:

One of the last trips I took with my Grandpa, Gary Hall, was up to Monterey for the Concours de' Elegance. This was a last minute trip so we didn't have a hotel or anything other than our passes for the Concours. We took the purple car which I was happy about because that was the car I usually drove when we would take the cars out. Plus it's a Targa top so that meant no top so we could enjoy the beautiful weather on our drive up. We had the top off and the a/c on high. Didn't make sense to me but that was how Grandpa rolled. If the car would have had a radio he would have had it cranked up too.

We stopped for lunch on the way and then got back on the road. We made good time so we decided to go over to Laguna Seca to check out the exhibits they had set up and also watch some of the vintage racing. As I mentioned earlier we didn't have a hotel room. My Grandpa always had a plan though so I trusted that we would find a room. Anyone who has been to the Concours knows that rooms become very expensive and also sell out fast that weekend.

Grandpa knew of a little place where he had stayed before but it was about 30-40 miles away. So off we headed back to a small town called Greenfield. Greenfield was well... a little scary to be driving around in a flashy purple Pantera. We drove around looking for this hotel for a while. Finally we found it. YIKES! We pulled in the parking lot and everyone that was staying/living at the motel opened their doors and windows to see what was going on. As we all know Panteras are not quiet cars. Grandpa hopped out and I stayed in the car just in case we needed to make a fast getaway. I was not leaving that car unattended. He ended up getting us a room. It was cheap and he was happy.

We were both pretty hungry so he hopped back in and we sped off to look for some place to eat. No such luck. We found a liquor store so Grandpa went in and I waited in the car. He came out with four brown paper bags. We then drove back to the motel, found our room, got the car covered and locked up for the night. I was worried it wasn't going to be there in the morning. My Grandpa was such a laid back guy he wasn't worried at all. He said "come on it will be fine." When we opened the door to the room my mouth dropped. It was the most disgusting motel/hotel room I have EVER seen. Two small twin beds with stained comforters, the carpet was stained and black, the bathroom was….well we won't go there. It was one of those rooms you sleep with your clothes and shoes on.

After a day of driving and being out in the sun I didn't really care because I was pretty tired and so was he. Plus Grandpa and I always made the best out of everything we did together. So we proceeded to settle in. Grandpa brought out the four brown bags we turned on the TV and sat on our beds. I didn't know what he had picked up at the liquor store. It was two bags of peanuts, a 40 oz. bottle of beer and a small bottle of Crown Royal. So we sat on our beds eating our peanuts and my Grandpa, bless his heart, starts throwing his peanut shells on the floor. So I thought well I guess I will too. By the time we were done the floor between our beds was covered in peanut shells. We just looked at each other and started laughing. The next morning we got up, got ready, and off to the Concours we went.

We spent the day at the Concours, and had a great time. There are always so many nice cars and it's always nice to meet customers in person. When it was time to go to the hotel I dreaded going back. We pulled up Grandpa said to go pack our stuff up we are not staying one more night in this "shit hole!" I laughed and smiled and grabbed our stuff and we jumped back in the car and drove home. It was a long day but I remember looking over at my Grandpa sleeping in the passenger seat so soundly. The top was off, the a/c was blasting and it was us cruising down the highway underneath the stars.

With any order over $100 between now and Christmas, we will include a free color Pantera poster. Please remember to mention the free poster when you place your order.

Happy Holidays from the ladies at Hall Pantera!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Fall 2013

October, 2013……hoping your Halloween tricks are as sweet as your treats!

In 1976 we thought we should go to Europe and visit all the different car manufacturers abroad. We wrote to the companies and asked if we were welcome. Every single one welcomed us with open arms, so off we went. Of course, on the top of the list – Detomaso, then Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes Benz! Now that is a list of pretty exclusive car manufacturers!

Mrs. Detomaso greeted us and took us all through the factory, answering all our many questions with great patience. At that time they were still making Panteras for the European market. They had changed the car back to small bumpers, leather interiors, different seats and a suede covered dashboard. A few special order cars were on the line. We were taken through the service department, parts and shown the test cars that had been wreaked for US crash laws. At 12:30 pm, everyone leaves for lunch! Mrs. Detomaso graciously asked us to join her and her step-son, Santiago, for lunch! Off we went in her Longchamp. We got a performance test ride…..Italian style! We asked many questions and also wanted to know about the Mungusta? She couldn't remember off-hand, but promised to look up some of the data while we went to Maserati with Santiago, who ran the plant for his father. By the time we returned, Mrs. Detomaso had pulled the records on the "goose". Our car, 401 Mangusta, had a brake up-date. 401 Magusta built #512 was built as a spider show car! #1300, the last car built. Only one Mangusta was built with a 289. She kept all Mangusta records in her office, while the Pantera records were kept at Ghia! We purchased two Mangusta owners manuals…one in English and one in Italian. I also filled my purse full of lug nuts! That was fun going through customs…..a Ferrari head light wrapped in a rain coat and a purse with of lug nuts! Such fun!!!

Some years ago we were racing the Pantera around the country at different club events. Someone asked one day why the car was so much faster? "What did you change?" "Change?" we said. "Nothing, the driver just lost weight!"

The Lions Club built a drag strip here in the Long Beach area years ago to get the kids off the street, so to speak. It was very famous for many years. Every Friday night street racing was a weekly occurrence. Our friend, Wild Bill Shrewsberry would do a "wheelie" from the start line to finish line on the two rear wheels. Mike Cook build a Chevy motor for Perry Pages Pantera and that really lifted the front wheels off the ground….also broke the ZF. At Carlsbad, Gary lifted the front wheels drag racing. Matt Stone took this picture and gave it to us. Gary didn't break anything. You can find more about Wild Bill on the drag racing web site.

If you're looking for anything, from a gas tank to a door handle, give us a call. We always look forward to visiting with you. The Pantera community is such a close knit group and it's always great to hear from old friends.

We have some new items back in stock: camber bars-steel with turnbuckles, to hold the camber only; chrome switch bezal (just replace the chrome area; front hood pad, that can match your floor mats! Weber manifolds, 351 small port or large port. And of course, Ansa mufflers. They will only bolt up to the larger GTS header, for early or late cars. And don't forget….our new, "old" T-shirts! What ever you're looking for……just ask.

As always, we appreciate your business.

Bev, Tara and Mare

August 2013 Newsletter

I can't believe it's been 40 years since Lyle got a small group of Detomaso owners together and started the P.O.C.A. (Pantera Owners Club of America). We all had one thing in common, of course….Detomaso cars!" For club events we would rent Ontario Motor Speedway or Riverside Road Race course and hold speed events. What fun we had.

A customer dropped in the other day from Australia and was asking about the origin of "Big Red", the Group IV car. One of the most copied cars we have. Wow, did that question ever bring back some memories! Quite an interesting story too.

A young man named Alfonso came in to the shop with a beat-up white Pantera. He and his friend Tom did some gentleman racing through the "artichoke" back roads of Salinas County and more than anything Alfonso wanted to beat Tom. Al was originally from El Salvador and was living near San Francisco for the time being. His beat-up car wasn't really safe to be doing any kind of racing and it needed a lot of work! Coincidentally, we had just purchased a GTS from Texas, and after a lot of negotiating, we took Al's "beater" in on trade for the 1974 GTS. We delivered the car to Carmel and Al was thrilled to own that car. After about a year, Al and Tom came down to the shop in Paramount and we all became good friends. Al kept hinting he wanted to build his dream car. So one evening, we were at a local steak house and the dream became a reality. On a paper napkin, Gary and Al drew up the "Red" car. Gary was thrilled to be able to build his first race car with large tires and wheels with steel flares and wing. A Group IV car! Al also said he wanted to come to work for us. So we hired him. He was a great employee and he could do anything. He became our "go-fer" and all around man you could count on. At that time we were also doing a Hot Rod business and Al not only was our "go-fer" but also became the driver of our Ultra truck. That truck was designed to carry a complete car. It had a tilt bed so you could just drive the car right in to the back. We did all the big Hot Rod shows across the country. Al drove the Ultra car truck with the show car and we would fly in for the show!

In the meantime, "Big Red" was finished and Al enjoyed that car for several months. He then started becoming more and more concerned about the unrest that was going on in El Salvador and thought he'd better get back home. His family owned coffee plantations and he felt they needed his help to retain and protect their property. Of course we were all concerned for Al, but understood his feelings. We bought "Big Red" from him and he bought a "bullet-proof" Jeep. Al never came back. He was shot and killed doing what he felt he had to do.

The GTS became the race car. It holds the record for the ¼ mile and Bonneville at 202 mph. with wheels off the ground. Quite a far cry from racing through the artichokes fields of Salinas County.

Lots of products came from those times and are still available! The Weber manifold, roll bars and roll cages, 3 point seat belts and shoulder harness. Aluminum blocks, 180 degree header muffler systems and so on. We still get GTS mufflers from Ansa. But they only bolt up to the GTS headers and are sold as a set. And, back by popular demand……..T-shirts! Pictures on the website!

Summer is a good driving time of year! Enjoy your cars! As always, we appreciate your continued business.

Bev, Tara and Mare.

June 2013


Let's celebrate the 4th!

We have always celebrated the 4th of July with fireworks. Our whole neighborhood used to join together and throw everyone's box of fireworks in a big pot and we would set them all off just like a big show that lasted late into the night. Times have changed, but with fireworks regulations and all, but it still can be such a fun time with the family. Enjoy!

With all the new AC equipment available today there isn't any reason for your air not to work great. From the rotary pump, new condensers, compressor lines, hoses, and even under the dash blowers units there is no reason for you not be cool! Of course R134 is really the way to go! We have seen a huge increase in price on these items.

The AC in the Mangusta was terrible, it never blew cold. Lucky for us, there was a man in town that owned an air-conditioning shop that owned a Mangusta. He fixed us up with a new unit and it's still in the car today, talk about freezing you out. I think that's the only thing we really changed on that car. The car has the original heat shields, and the orginal spare tire in place.

Back when the only people that could work on Panteras were the Lincoln-Mercury dealers, we took "Blue" in to get the air charged. After the work, we got about a mile down the road when "bang" accompanied by smoke from under the deck lid! I thought the car was on fire! I never got out of a car so fast....I sure couldn't do that today. The high pressure line blew because of a bend in the line.

Hard to find u-joints for stock ½ shafts. You need to reuse the bolts, as they are special, and the nuts should be replaced. We carry the special nylox nuts. Be sure to check the lower shaft bearings, we carry all the replacement parts.

If you are repainting, we have new VIN plates, metal or the original white plates. I do not add the numbers, but need the year of the car because they are different. The metal plate you can engrave the VIN number.

WAY back, when the pink car took its' first trip up the coast to Monterey for the Quail Lodge Concourse, we got stopped, twice, by the CHP just to look and talk about the car! This car was a total product car at that time. On the way back from the concourse, we stopped for lunch at the Apple Farm. After leaving, and right in front of the California Highway Patrol station, we were pulled over again. This time though, it was for the matching pink license plate and that was a no-no. It was removed and we were told nicely, not to do that. The license plate is still on the car today.

When you test your pressure tank there are a few things that need to be in place:

Which tank are you testing? The old tanks had metric water necks and took only metric caps to make a tight seal. Today, on the stainless tanks, we use only stainless water necks made for American caps. Only the pressure tanks take pressure caps. Whatever pressure you want, 9 lbs., 13 lbs., 18 lbs., over flow tank is not pressure…..just a cap!

With our all stainless water tanks, stainless water pipes and precut Gates green strip water hoses, your cooling system is done. This also includes stainless hose clamps, heater hose, AC/alternator belts, and thermostat and gasket. On your check list, be sure to look at the condition of your trunion bearing, shift boots, and shift linkage all the way to the firewall.

When we were still in our offices in Bellflower, a young man came in from Australia. He and Gary talked all afternoon about Panteras and racing. We all needed a break and headed to a local steak house for dinner. We all ordered and when the Aussie's steak came he also asked for a JAR of mustard. He proceeded to cover that whole steak with the mustard! He visited us several times over the years and we talked about that steak and mustard. He became a well-known winning racer with his Pantera. His name is Rusty French. I just watched a video of him rolling Down-Under, keeping the Pantera name alive!

Let's celebrate! Happy Birthday America!

Beverly, Tara, and Mare

Spring 2013

Happy spring! Hope the Easter Bunny didn't have to hop through the snow where you live!

After watching the NASCAR race at Phoenix, I was reminded of the time years ago the Arizona club was invited to run the Panteras on the track before the race. Chuck Journey, President of the AZ club at time, asked us to join them. We drove over, had a lovely evening with the Journey's and the next day ran two laps around a much different track than we'd ever run before. What fun.

After last month's newsletter, people have been asking about our daughter's escapades driving Old Blue to Palm Springs over Spring break with three other girls when she was 17. The questions were mostly about "how the heck did three girls fit in that car?" Her response……"no arm rest consoles, we took the cigarette lighter out and……we were a lot smaller at 17!" Ha ha ha.

Our youngest daughter's first husband owned a Pantera and our son preferred his Ranchero to take out his dates. Remember the drive-in?

How about a special honoring Gary's birthday? An easy way to spruce up your interior is with new floor mats. Black carpet with logo, or carpet kit for front trunk and rear trunk, make a clean fresh look. We can do logos the same color as your car or the Pantera blue logo. Call or email for special pricing on these items, please mention Gary's birthday special.

I still have all the cars; Old Blue, Pink group 5, Big Red group 4, my 1971 early car, Passion Purple, and 1970 Mangusta, plus other collectibles! We love customers to come to the shop and also visitors that want to see the showroom. By appointment only, please, and remember, we're closed on Mondays. A donation is appreciated and is passed on to CHOC Children's Hospital. From those donations we have purchased many necessities for them over the years. Thank You!

2013 has started out great and we Thank You very much. We love what we do to help you enjoy your cars. Let's keep the focus on our special love for Panteras!

Bev, Tara and Mare

Palm Springs

Almost Valentine's Day! January has flown by and we'll be thinking about spring before we know it! Hall Pantera has started the New Year at full throttle and now has a new supply of stainless steel water tubes, along with GTS and Big Bore Headers and Mufflers.

This month Bev (Mom) asked me write a blast from the past about Hall Pantera. So here I am, MaraLea, writing about one of the most memorable times of my teenage years. I was a senior in high school and a group of my friends and me were planning a spring-break trip to Palm Springs. A friend and I thought we should probably go early to check out the possibilities. I thought, what could be better than taking the Pantera for a quick trip, over and back the same day? So….."Dad, what do you think? Could we take a Pantera to Palm Springs for the day?" He said "YES" with that twinkle in his eye, that only Dad had. He loved it that I loved the cars just as much as he did and he trusted me to take care of the things. The only stipulations were not to go if the wind was blowing across the desert, which would "sandblast" the paint on the car and fill the tank with gas before returning it. Filling gas back then wasn't always easy because of the gas shortage. Sometimes the lines at the pump were an hour long. Dad had a friend with his own gas pump at his business and we stopped there before returning the car. Always thinking!

Off we went! Instead of one girlfriend it was two! The three of us flew across the desert, as teenagers do, way too fast! At one point I hit 140 mph and the Blaupunkt stereo system was cranked! Just imagine three 17 year old girls in a beautiful blue Pantera, music blasting and singing at the top of our lungs. We got lots of looks and thumbs-ups! Every time I hear Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" I think of that trip and smile. "Old Blue" was my Dad's first Pantera and today sits in the showroom at Hall Pantera. If only "Old Blue" could talk…..well, maybe not! Recently those girls and I got together and reminisced about that spring break, 40 years ago, and what a once in a lifetime experience that was. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Hope you're having or planning memorable experiences for 2013. Thanks for your continued support. Customers are always the best, but especially Hall Pantera customers!

Bev, Tara and MaraLea

Happy Holidays

We are all looking forward to the upcoming Holidays and hoping for joy and happiness to all. Let's do something special for all those that are close to us….and maybe even for those we don't know.

Again, back in the day, we ordered a 1985 white GT5-S from Detomaso. We received the car and started the process of getting the car "legal". We had done this before with our Longchamp and Countach, so thought it would be routine. We ended up selling the car to a good friend and then had to buy it back! Imported cars were labeled "gray market". More and more restrictions were put on those cars and in California it wasn't legal to drive a "gray market" on the street. What a mess that was. Not just for us, but other importers. Some importers would just import the chassis and then have readying centers and build the complete car here to get away from all those restrictions.

We used to go down to the docks and watch the workers take the cars off the ships. Some of the guys unloading would rev up the cars and burn out the clutches. The cars would then go over to Bill Stroppe's readying center in Signal Hill, CA. Bill had to replace a lot of clutches! After Stroppe had them ready they would then be sent to the dealers and they'd go on the showroom floor.

An old friend, Mike Trusty, stopped by a few weeks ago. Mike would bring his wife of 45 years, Paulette, on vacation and they would come down to the shop and help work on the Panteras. On this trip we talked about a car our daughter MaraLea had built. She did a lot of the work herself. The car was dark brown with tan interior….she named it Root Beer. She designed our black wheel center logos because the blue and white wheel logos didn't look right on Root Beer. We still sell a lot of the black logos today.

Now in stock are rebuilt 90 amp alternators. These are rebuilt stock units with all new parts and are a simple installation. No modifications are needed like some of the other after-market alternators out there. The price is $239. And a core charge of $100. They are on the shelf ready to go!

Share your love of cars with young people. We used to bring in cub scouts and boy scouts in to the shop and show them the cars and talk to them about our love for cars. We'd like to think we made an impression on those kids and hope a few of them caught the "car bug". They all thought the cars were "really cool".

Happy Holidays!

Beverly & Tara

Fall 2012

I know you probably don't want to think about it, but another year is winding down. But for me, after all these years, work is still fun. There aren't a lot of people that can say that, but I really love talking with new owners and old friends. The commonality of so many of us loving our Detomaso cars worldwide makes everyday fun.

How many of you remember, back in the day, when the early tool bags were equipped with a wine opener? Back then, Ralph Nader (yes, the many times Presidential candidate) was very popular for writing a book on auto safety. He thought including a wine opener would lead to drinking and driving! Needless to say, the tool bag doesn't come with a wine opener. : (

One evening Gary was watching an ad for an alarm system. The ad had a man in a business suit carrying his briefcase in one hand and his steering wheel in the other. NASCAR had removable steering wheels for years! So Gary got to work on the idea and came up with a removable steering wheel for the Pantera. We would have a lot of fun carrying our steering wheel into the restaurant and putting it next to us on the table; a lot of stares and comments, a lot of fun! We recently sold our last one a few weeks ago.

We just received a large shipment of ball joints from Italy, not China. We just filled our backorders for the stock replacement seatbelts and there are more in stock. We still have some NOS 260 degree water temperature gauges and fan relays still in the original Ford box.

Several years ago we had an amp gauge fire in our blue car. Luckily we exited the freeway before the car completely filled with smoke. We put out the fire before it got to the main wiring harness. It's always good to have a good fire extinguisher in any car. We sell the updated amp gauge that is not a fire hazard, like the original.

Talking with old friends/customers in the last few weeks really brings back great memories. Scott Mead, who now lives in Hawaii, called and I remember when he was 3 or 4 riding to Pantera rallies with his parents. He would ride on the armrest console; just the right size for a little body. That sure wouldn't happen these days! I was happily surprised to hear from another old customer/friend Scott Davis. We did his car many years ago. He still drives his Pantera and has a real joy for life and his car! He was planning to attend Coffee and Cars in North Carolina the following Saturday! Hope he did! Can't wait to hear from all of you in the near future and catching up on new and old times!

Have a great Fall; Christmas will be here before you know it!

Beverly and Tara

August 2012

Another month has flown by and Concours Italiano and Laguna Seca Vintage car races in Monterey are just around the corner. If you've never been, it is worth the trip. Of course without saying, the cars and lots of fun events; but the beauty of the Monterey coastline makes this event more special than most.

Again, we want to let you know how much we appreciate your business and continued support. Our inventories have changed some in these economic times, but we still have a large inventory in stock. Just ask!

We have remanufactured the side mounts for the early ZF transmission and have them in stock. Another small item in stock is the stops for the front hood and rear deck lid. Nothing more than a stainless steel screw with a rubber top.

We just finished another batch of the stainless steel overflow and pressure tanks and also the stainless steel water tubes. We also stock the Gates Green Stripe hose kit: clamps (we supply enough to double clamp), Gates Green Stripe hoses, (all precut), 2 belts, 160 degree thermostat with hat, thermostat gasket and also the 90 degree elbow and replacement metal water pump hose both in steel. I can't believe there are any early cars out there that the updates haven't been done by now.

One year when Gary and I were in Monterey with my pink car, we were driving back to the house we rented in Moss Landing and lost our head lights. Finding our way back in a fog and darkness with our heads hanging out the windows was definitely a challenge. Gary immediately saw the need for a replacement of those original plastic window and headlight gears. So, he tooled the bronze gears which we use and stock today. That gear was replaced in the pink car and solved the problem.

I recently talked to a customer who had just broken his throttle pedal. I suggested he replace it with a stronger one and get the old one repaired and keep it as a spare. It's also a good idea to run a new throttle cable alongside the old one so if it should break out in the middle of nowhere you already have one ready and just hook up the ends. We had a throttle pedal break a long time ago when we were out in Apple Valley on a Sunday and that made an easy fix. "Always be prepared" as the Scouts say, is always a good thing when you're out and about.

We just got another shipment of the original GTS ANSA Mufflers, along with the correct GTS headers. We also have the ANSA muffler decals that go on the chrome tips.

Thanks again for your business and enjoy your cars and keep them on the road.

Beverly & Tara

Happy Summer!

You know we still have all the books on the Pantera available and something like the owners manual still comes in handy.

Back in the day: One of our first road trips (1973) was for a business meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. So we packed up 'Ol Blue and off we went on our first "long" trip. Just as we traveled through Blythe, CA on Highway 10 we had a rear tire go flat. Out in the middle of nowhere and way before cell phones. The car was still new to us. We didn't even know where to jack the car up. So we got out the jack, tool bag, air bottle and the owners manual. We read the instructions out loud to each other and found out where and how to jack up our lovely new car. We got the wheel off, the spare installed and bolted on and the filled the spare with the air bottle. Since the tire was junk and not having any extra room in the car we left the tire and I carried the wheel on my lap. Off we went. Today I think the only thing those spare tires are good for is shows. NEVER lay one on the ground and fill it with air. Always have it mounted and bolted on. The tire can blow off the bead and take your head off!

Another interesting fact... Before we all had electronic ignitions Bill Hayes was selling a system called "Stinger." He had a small company out in Westminster, CA. We installed one on our station wagon. The magic black box worked great until in stopped working. Those station wagons were heavy to push when they broke down. We installed a second black box so if there was a failure you had another one ready to just plug in and off you would go. Later when we started using them in the Pantera we always mounted a back up box just in case. Thats not necessary today. Bill Hayes' engineers came in to the shop and spent a few days creating a clutch kit for the Pantera. This was before they moved the company to Prescott, AZ. We sell the Centerforce Clutch kits complete with either a steel or aluminum flywheel.

Why did the Lincoln-Mercury dealers get the Pantera for their showrooms? Ford already had the high performance Mustangs and Shelbys and they were looking for more affluient customers who would spend $10,0000 for a sports car. In fact they even had a salesmans manual that told them how to qualify their customers! I don't think that would work today.

The Pantera is certainly a worldwide car today with each owner changing the car to their own tastes. We just shipped an NOS inner wheel housing to South America to a customer restoring his car. It really has become a small world. Walt Disney really was correct back in the 50's with the small world ride at Disneyland. It is a small world after all!

Have an enjoyable Summer and thank you for all of your support.

Beverly & Tara

Spring is here!!

April 2012

Happy Spring!

The year was 1986…imagine a helmet sitting on top of a 1954 Lincoln Capri Mexican Road Race Car at the Silver State Race. The sky is clear, the sun is bright, and we're rolling the car off the trailer preparing for the race. The usual essentials are done; starting the car, warming up the fluids, checking the tire pressure and belts, and we're ready to race! Our grandson Trey (Gary Hall III) came along with Gary. Gary wanted him to experience the excitement of the race atmosphere. Tray was too young to do any of the tech work, so he was given the task of taking photos.

At the drivers meeting, Indianapolis 500 2-time winner Roger Ward hosted. Tray remembers looking at the ring Roger had on his finger with amazement. He later got to meet and shake hands with Roger, and asked him if he could see the ring. Roger was so gracious and slipped the ring off his finger, and put it on Tray's. Those little acts of kindness stay with little kids forever. Trey still has wonderful memories of that particular Silver State Race.

The Silver State began with a phone call from Steve Waldman who managed the Showboat Hotel in Las Vegas. Steve was a fellow Pantera owner, and we had done some work on his car. We actually became very good friends and always stayed at the Showboat when we were in Vegas. With the Silver State Race on the drawing board, Steve called a few people who he thought might be interested in participating. The small group consisted of Gary, Steve, Dennis Quella, Roger Ward and someone else???...ME and Mrs. Roger Ward. That's how it all began! We did the Silver State several times with different cars; Old Blue, Burgundy Express, and our 1954 Lincoln Capri road racer.

The first race, Gary drove our 1954 Lincoln Capri and had ignition problems out in the middle of nowhere. He finally got the car back on the road and finished the race dead last. And guess who was at the finish line waiting for Gary, but Roger Ward. We always had lots of fun, and always met interesting people.

If you haven't replaced your radiator hoses recently, it might be a good time to pick up one of our hose kits. They include Gates Green Stripe hose, all cut to fit, and enough stainless steel claps to dual clamp all of your hoses. In addition, our kit also includes a Gates fan belt and air conditioning belt, new thermostat, metal goose neck, and 90 degree tube so your emergency brake linkage doesn't rub against a hose. Our hose kit also included Gates Green Stripe heater hoses. Don't forget to replace those little short heater hoses under the dash. You certainly don't one of those hoses to burst if you have a passenger riding with you.

Since you have your hands dirty, and have removed the coolant from the car. You may want to replace your old metal rusty water tubes with a new set of polished stainless steel tubes. You won't have to worry about losing coolant through a rusty pin hole. And they look so nice. One last item to finish this project is to pick up a set of polyurethane water tube grommets.

If you are thinking about a cosmetic change, you may want to take a look at fender flares. We have Group IV and Group V kits available in fiberglass and steel. If you are in need of body parts, we carry hood, door, and roof skins.

Several years ago, Gary took our Purple Passion Pantera to Vegas. We had just done an aluminum flare kit on the car. This really gives the car a finished look.

We have a few remaining books that Gary put together with all the published magazine articles on the Pantera. These start with the Mangusta in April 1969 to the Group V Pantera from Sports Car International 1995. This collection includes about 700 pages of very interesting reading.

Looking forward to a great Spring and Summer. We thank you for all you continued support.

Beverly, Tara, and Mare

Happy February

Thanking you again for you continued loyalty and support, another good year has passed by. Here's hoping your Valentine's Day was sweet, which means spring is right around the corner.

I had a customer call the other day that was in the process of refurbishing his stock wheels. He ordered Campagnolo stickers, lug nuts, wheel centers, and aluminum valve stems. I mentioned that if he had bead blasted his wheels he needed to seal the magnesium before painting. He said he didn't know that and asked if anyone had published a book on the proper care of a Pantera. I informed him that I heard Matt Stone might be writing a book. Matt owned a Pantera in the early days and will be speaking at the Arizona Club get together later this year. It will be interesting to hear him speak about the car. Matt is responsible for the color commentary on TV for the Barrett-Jackson auction.

Back in the day…we would go to Monterey for the vintage sports car races which were held on 17 Mile Drive. Of course we couldn't miss attending The Concours at The Lodge, AKA Pebble Beach. In the early 80's we were asked to bring our DeTomaso Longchamp to The Lodge. The Pebble Beach Concours was, and still is, one of the finest car shows in the world. We had our daughter and son-in-law drive my 1971 Pantera for the Quail Lodge Concours and Gary and I drove the Longchamp. We rented a house on Moss Landing with spectacular views, right on the beach, and of course, with a garage…a must for spiffing-up before The Concours.

We needed a vehicle to run around in while the cars were being prepped. We were lucky to obtain a rental in town. I'll never forget it was a little white 4-door sedan. On Friday we went to Laguna Secca to watch the races, and with VIP passes we were able to enter the pits. We saw some incredible automobiles. Upon returning to the parking lot, our little white 4-door sedan was gone! We were told we and several others had parked illegally and our cars had been towed. Fortunately, they didn't impound the cars, but towed them to the top of a steep hill. Gary, Karen, Ron and I trekked up the hill only to be surprised again that there were several other little white 4 door sedans! Gary tried the key in several car doors before finding our rental car. Monterey was always a great weekend. Lots of fun, wonderful memories, fun watching the vintage car races, and never tiring of the beauty of the California coast.

O.K., let's get back to work. Squeaky rear suspensions: The rear upright is attached to the lower rear a-arms by a shaft with spacers, dust shields, and 2 nuts. There was no way to lubricate the original lower shafts. We saw several of these lower shafts rust to the upright and had to be heated with a torch to be removed. Did you know that we stock the lower shafts with grease fittings? We continue to stock all the replacement parts for the lower shaft, along with complete axle kits. In addition, you may want to update your uprights with our beautiful billet aluminum uprights. Most of the older cars are being updated; let's keep them on the road.

For a little different look, you might want to consider fender flares. The GTS flares can be added without cutting your fenders; the flares are attached with pop rivets. While in 1974 the Pantera L was still being produced, the GTS model entered the scene, with fender flares. Mechanically the cars were the same, both with a 351 Cleveland engine with a Ford 4V Autolite carburetor; however the GTS received a number of cosmetic changes:

• All chrome blacked out
• Ferrero steering wheel with Ghia center emblem
• GTS wheel logos
• Pop riveted fiberglass fender flares
• GTS script mounted where Pantera script was (on the rear)
• Pantera script in place of DeTomaso script (on the rear)
• Flat black rocker panel with Pantera GTS stripe kit
• Gloss black metallic front hood and rear deck lid
• Ghia emblem on the front bumper (instead of the usual DeTomaso
rear emblem)
• Dash mounted clock
• GTS emblem on the gear shift knob
• GT in the serial number

Our "Burgundy Express" is a true GTS, and replaced "Old Blue" as our test car for our products. Our GTS traveled all over the country showing at different venues. It also made a Bonneville Salt Flats appearance setting a land speed record of 202.875 MPH. That was the record at that time for a stock body, mid-engine, normally aspirated on gas. Gary had four different ZF transaxles, with different ring and pinion gears. Depending on what he was doing, he could swap out the transaxle for optimum performance.

Hope all your driving days are good ones…ours continue to be!

Beverly, Tara, and Mare

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

Tara and I would like to wish you the very best in 2012! We want to thank you for your continued support and business this past year. We hope you'll continue to find our knowledgeable help and products for your Pantera an asset to you in 2012.

Brought back by popular demand is the late style plastic dash cover. At $199, and easy installation, it will make your old dash look like new. 2012 will bring a slight increase in price on polyurethane products, and of course shipping charges seem to affect us all. Our supplier who produced the sphere bar bushings has retired and we have found a new manufacturer.

Back in the day... the second Pantera International get together was held in San Antonio, Texas. Gary and I loaded up "Ol' Blue" and hit the road to see the sights of Texas and meet more Pantera owners. Oh, and by the way…because going fast was important to Gary, he had removed the spare tire to make room for the NOS tank, unbeknownst to me. We had an uneventful trip down, and the drive was wonderful. We saw all the sights in San Antonio. The day of the Pantera event we drove in and parked in our space. Gary always jacked the car up so he could show off the powder coated suspension after the long trip from California. The other thing he always did when we were at car shows was leave the car running with the air conditioner on high for a few hours. This proved that the Pantera could run cool without over-heating using our cooling products. (We still carry all of the cooling products to make your car run cool.) On our way home we lost a rear tire after running over something on the road. Of course it was in the middle of nowhere and we didn't have a spare! Gary hitched a ride to the next town…a very, very small town…and luckily found a garage that had an old wheel with a Ford bolt pattern. We mounted it on the Pantera and off we went on our slow ride home. We had the garage ship our rim home for us. Oh, and of course… Gary continued to make room for the NOS tank on our subsequent trips.

For those of you who have visited our office and viewed our collection, Thank you for your donations. This money has been donated to the Children's Hospital of Orange County "CHOC". We have done this for years and today there is a new program for the toddlers. The "transportation program" purchases toy vehicles for the toddlers to ride to their treatments and tests. A wagon or a bicycle can be designed with a license plate that stays with the items for the duration of its circulation at the hospital. Your plate can say "in honor of" or "donated by." Someday there will be a few wagons with "Pantera" as their license plates.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year and Thank you again for your continued business.

Beverly and Tara

Happy Holidays

This year has really flown by and now we are looking for Santa Claus again. What a wonderful time of the year with families getting together and sharing memories and exchanging gifts. I have a gift for you! Did you know that you can get the air pressure in your tires checked for free at any Costco? You don't have to be a member of the discount store. Just drive any of your vehicles in and they will check the air pressure in all of your tires and add nitrogen. A very polite attendant will tell you about how important it is to maintain the correct air pressure in your tires. You should also check the pressure in your tires once a month. This is really a nice service, especially for us women.

Back in the day….Pantera International had one of their first Pantera gatherings in Hawaii. We decided to attend and take our 1972 Pantera "Old Blue." With the help of John Detomaso, who at the time worked for Pan Am, we put Old Blue in the cargo hole of the Pan Am jet and we were off to Hawaii. John and Carla Detomaso also made the trip with us. After we landed and got our Pantera full of fuel, we drove over to the hotel. We parked our car on the patio so all the people could see a Pantera. The club put on a very nice cocktail party and dinner for all the members. The next day a group of us drove out to the home of the local Lincoln Mercury Dealer. He was very gracious and put on a luau for all of the Pantera Owners.

The Super Pantera were cars built for special clients that wanted the best of the best. I believe we built 17 of this magnificent Pantera's. The cars had unique interiors, custom paint, and aluminum engines with lots of horsepower. One performance modification we never did was turbocharging. Back in the day, Lance Nist was the father of turbocharged Panteras. We did do a few fuel injected cars. Big Red is still equipped with one of our original fuel injected engines. Big Red who was a test car for a lot of our products was also equipped with the Weber manifold. Which by the way we still produce for the large and small port heads.

The first set of 180 degree headers and mufflers were installed on Big Red. With the rear deck lid off Gary drove from our shop to the Arizona border and back, because he loved the sound of the system, and the glow in the moonlight. This was about an eight hour round trip.

Old Blue was the recipient of our first set of Big Bore headers and mufflers. One of the first things we noticed was a much quicker throttle response, and the rumble in the cab from about 1500 to 2000 RPM was gone! You could actually have a conversation and hear the radio. However, the true sound of the Pantera is certainly the ANSA system. The sound is one of a kind!

Remember life is a special occasion and share your good times with the people you love.

Happy Holidays,

Bev & Tara

P.S. We will be open between Christmas and New Years for you convenience.

Happy New Year!

Falll 2011

As we look forward to autumn and the cooler days, the driving season is here! Back the car out of the garage and go for a nice drive.

I keep reading about new owners with overheating problems. When we purchased our first new 1972 blue Pantera from the local Lincoln Mercury dealer, we drove it everywhere. One of our first road trips was to Lake Tahoe and then San Francisco. After a great drive to Lake Tahoe the next morning the weather was cooler and the brakes didn't work. As we got on the road and the weather warmed up we got our brakes back. We stopped at the Lincoln Mercury dealer in Reno and they had no clue on why the brakes wouldn't work. So we went on to San Francisco to our hotel. After getting off the freeway and getting lost trying to find our hotel, the car got hot. We stopped and let it cool off and then drove to our hotel and parked it in the underground parking lot. We put the car cover on and planned to let it sit until we were ready to leave. We took cabs, cable cars and walked to all of our meetings. When we were leaving for home, Gary went with the Valet to get the car because he was concerned about the brakes and we had also put the car cover on. When they removed the car cover they saw that someone had keyed both sides of the car and then put the cover back on. We decided to drive home and hoped that we could make it without overheating. At that time there were four stop lights in Santa Barbara (now it's all freeway). Needless to say we sat in some traffic in Santa Barbara, and the temp gauge started to rise.

Now, why did the car overheat? All so simple now. The original Pantera radiator had a side baffle. So when the car got hot and the water would go in and out of the radiator and not flow through. So the water would never get cool. DESIGN: to make the water flow all the way through the radiator. We meet a fellow Hot Rod owner who owned a radiator manufacturing company in Los Angeles. Hot rods sometimes had cooling problems when cruising the Blvd. We came up with a design that worked in the Pantera. Our radiators are still made here locally.

Of course you also need the pressure cap not to leak or suck in air. Remove the water neck and replace it with an American water neck and an American 13-16 lb. radiator cap. Our stainless tanks are made with American stainless steel necks. No leaks and no rust and more importantly NO OVERHEATING!

The 45 degree radiators are made by the same company. This radiator is not just a standard radiator that is laid at a 45 degree angle. This is made to be at a 45 degree angle. The first one was used in the race car. In fact we had to put cardboard in front to get the car up to racing temperature. It ran too cool!

180 degree headers have been a big seller this year and are made in the USA. Original ANSA mufflers are still in stock. Headers and mufflers are sold as a package. The have a sound all of their own.

As we all know new blood in the Pantera will keep it going. Welcome new owners, young people who show an interest in the car. Make them a working part of your activities. Give kids a ride or just let them sit in your car. It's fun for them and teaches them to appreciate the car. Always keep them interested.

Stay on the road!

Beverly and Tara

Happy Summer!

Happy summer. Getting into the full swing of hot weather, we really need to have our cooling system working properly. If you still have the old York air conditioning pump, you may want to change over to the lighter and more efficient rotary pump. Also, changing from R12 to R134 you have to remember you need to change more than just the pump. One is an o-ring style and the other a flared style. We have both in stock. A new dryer is needed any time you evacuate the system. We also stock the new evaporator, condenser and under dash blower fans.

We just received a new shipment of Weber manifolds in from the foundry. Large and small port to suit both the aluminum and steel heads. We can supply the manifold (polished at an extra charge) with no linkage or

I heard from Dick Conner the other day. Dick was the artist who did the posters for our first POCA Concourse at the Newporter Inn in 1978 and he continued to do them in the following years. Dick and his wife Jeri were
some of the first POCA members. Dick had a Pantera and a Mangusta. We sat together at the third or fourth meeting we had a Peyton Lincoln Mercury. He told us about his Mangusta. The next month he drove it to the meeting. We fell in love with the car and decided to look for one for ourselves. We found one and purchased it and took it to Gary Chandler who was the go to guy at the time. He got it ready for the first big Concourse at the Prince Louis in Long Beach, CA. By this time we had three Detomaso cars and we wanted to sell one of them but we fell in love with the beauty and design of the cars and decided to keep them all.

We didn't know much about our first Pantera (which we still have and call "Ol' Blue) which we purchased new in 1972. It had the 1973 light blue paint as the 1972 cars had a darker blue color. The early cars had an
engine cover that was an open mesh with two solid side covers. With that opening not being a solid cover, water could drip off the roof right onto the distributor and then the car wouldn't start. One of the updates was to put a solid cover under the mesh. This stopped the water from leaking onto the distributor but it rattled like crazy.

Another problem was getting the gas into the gas neck on the 1971 cars without dripping it on to the hot headers. The 1973 cars used a side fill which is really slow. Progress is slow, I guess. We still have the quick fill neck in stock for the 1971 and 1972 cars. The quick fill is not for Pantera's with the side filler.

As you take things off your Pantera today, make sure you can get a replacement part. Don't throw away anything! Also make sure when you take something off your car to mark whether it is right or left. Most parts need to go on the same way they came off. The half shafts for example, need to be put back together in sequence. They were at one time marked with a little red arrow so you had them in the correct position. Motor mounts are also left and right so be sure you have them installed the correct way if you ever have to remove them.

Remember when getting into a fast car that you have the knowledge of how to handle all that horsepower. A good and smart thing to do is to take a driving class so you can learn how your car handles and how to drive it. These classes are not only good for you but for you kids as well. In the early days when you purchased a Pantera from Peyton Lincoln Mercury, they would include a day class at the Bondurant Racing School.

Happy motoring.

Bev and Tara

May 2011

Hello again. Here we are going into our best driving months. If you are coming to Southern California you may want to visit the Automotive Driving Museum. Located at 610 Lairport St. in El Segundo, CA 90245. Their telephone number is 310-909-0950. You can take the cars for a ride on Sundays, you might want to call ahead to be sure. El Segundo is located near LAX.

Question! What is a vendor? Someone who sells parts. What is a Pantera vendor? Someone who sells only Pantera parts; Someone who has spent many years to help other Pantera owners with their cars; Someone who has also designed and manufactured many new parts as well as stocking new and NOS parts just for our cars to help keep them on the road for the last 40 years.

Back in the day……We only had our local Lincoln/Mercury dealers and a few Ford dealers that almost knew how to work on some of our car problems. Cooling was the biggest issue. Today we have excellent cooling systems available. With radiators and fans/motors and of course our pressure system much improved over the stock system. We have solved the cooling problems for the Pantera. We have stainless steel tanks, all American made with stainless necks. Today an American pressure cap will hold the
seal, because we have replaced the Italian pressure tank neck with an American neck. Now the system with an American pressure cap will keep the pressure system sealed. Anytime we break that seal you will need to bleed the system and remove any air.

Here is some Pantera Club history. Lyle Ottason who sold us our car in 1972 called a get together with all of his Pantera clients. We met at Peyton Lincoln/Mercury in San Pedro in a very small room upstairs. After a couple of months we moved downstairs into the showroom and became a club. Our first president was Bob McMillian and vice president was Bill Finner. Both were attorneys so all the by laws were done by them. Lyle passed out the 14 TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) to the people present. I kept ours and after we got all the parts from Bill Stroppe in 1975 and started Hall Pantera, we made them into a book. We sell the book for $25.

Also back in stock are our ZF -1 side mount kits. These are for the early 1971 cars with the rear mount -1 ZF. This kit allows for the ZF to be mounted like the -2 which was mounted on the sides. We also have the
extended upper rear a-arms. They come with new bushings but no ball joints. You can use your existing ball joints after pressing them out. With the larger rear wheels 17"/18" we need more alignment adjustments to bring
the rear into daily driving specs. If you need any of the alignment specs you can call, email or fax us and we would be glad to help you out. Always check your air pressure as over inflating can cause center tire wear.

All of our parts are US made and in stock.

Happy Driving!!!!

Beverly and Tara

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

We are sure looking forward to Spring so we can get our cars out and drive them.

You may want to consider our new stainless steel pressure and overflow tanks that have been powder coated gloss black. The stock look, but the durability of stainless steel, no rust and will last many years. We also offer our stainless steel water tubes also powder coated gloss black. Most Pantera owners are going back to the stock, original look. We are still offering the extended gas neck for the 1971-1972 Panteras. This is an easy way to fuel your Pantera. These are black with a chrome cap. If you are looking to update your front trunk we have front felt kits available. You may want to replace your windshield washer bottle that also includes the bracket. We also have the kit available for the rear trunk.

GTS headers and mufflers from ANSA are now available. Sold in sets only.
We have a limited number of car covers available. These are a lightweight cover and priced to sell. They will fit the standard body car or a car with flares.

For an improved ride, don't forget our sphere bars for the front and rear sway bars. This will take the road chop out of the ride. We had these made many years ago, beware of reproductions. When ordering we need to know the size of your sway bars.

Back in the day the first Pantera imported into the United States was serial number 1286. The first 75 cars imported were very unique. They all had push button door handles. They were originally to be sold to the European market. They were side tracked after the agreement with Ford was finalized. My early car has the serial number written on all the trim pieces. These cars were a real work of art. A lot of the body parts were all hand fit. The side window frames were all one piece, the windshield trim molding was 2 piece not 4 piece, the rear deck lid was smooth, the headlight buckets were smaller. These are just a few items that make these cars unique.

Looking for a new Starter? We have them in stock. They fit right
in place and are hi-torque. Specially made for the Pantera by
Tilton just for us.

Happy Motoring!!!!

Beverly and Tara

P.S. Don't forget to put some miles on your newly restored cars
before taking a friend for a ride. No one wants to walk home.

Happy New Year from Hall Pantera

It's a wonderful life and we are looking forward to another great year full of new products and ideas.

Thirty five years go we purchased our first Pantera, which we still drive today. Shortly after purchasing our 1972 Pantera, we had the opportunity to purchase all the "left over" Pantera parts from Bill Stroppe's company. Bill Stroppe was responsible for preparing the Pantera for delivery to the Lincoln Mercury dealerships. Hall Pantera was started in 1976 in a small building in Bellflower, California. At that time we owned 2 Pantera's and a Mangusta which we still own today. From all the great years of participating in various Concours' and racing events we have managed to develop a lot of great products and still do to this day. We still have a large supply of NOS and aftermarket parts from sheet metal to aluminum suspensions.

We closed down the restoration part of the business a few years ago. However, we can still supply you will all the parts to do it yourself. We will have a lot of new products available in 2011.

We are working on updating our website weekly adding more products and photos. Some of he new products for next year will included special order floor mats. Choose the logo you like and the color and we will have them made specially for you. Also a new spare tire cover, and carpet kit for the front trunk.

The Pantera had a special sound with the ANSA exhaust system, which we have available. Our kids always knew when DAD turned the corner and was almost home. The windows would vibrate as he pulled up the driveway. What an amazing sound that was.

Lets make everyday count and remember the holidays are a time of giving and love. From our family to yours we want to "Thank You" for your support through out the years and look forward to many more.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Beverly and Tara