HEADERS (Big Bore)

Big Bore Headers. Fabricated of heavy 16 gauge tubing. TUNED HEADERS, are nearly equal length, 1 7/8" primary tubes that feed into a unique collector, which is designed around the Venturi Principle. A pulse in one tube causes a "suction effect," which actually extracts the exhaust from the cylinders that are getting ready to fire. This increases the engine's volumetric efficiency. These headers drastically improve partial and full-load throttle response at all engine speeds. Man owners report a decrease in interior noise levels, and better fuel economy as a result of installation of the Big Bore Tuned Headers. The complete BIG BORE system will bolt-in to any model Pantera. BIG BORE headers or mufflers will operate satisfactorily with the stock exhaust manifold or mufflers. Works with stock mufflers or Big Bore mufflers. Set of 2. GASKETS NOT INCLUDED.


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